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Following the 100% automated optical inspection of SMT assembled boards, the next step in the case of hybrid assemblies ie. featuring both surface-mounted and PTH components, is manual assembly of the PTH components. For this purpose 4 programmable Royonic semiautomatic PCB assembly systems are used. Following PTH assembly, parts will be soldered using either our leaded or lead-free wave soldering line.



We are equipped with the following lines:


Streckfuss 2005-3D/ 400 (Leaded)

Streckfuss 2005/ 400 (Unleaded)





Selective Soldering:


The advantages of selective soldering are well documented; manual soldering or conventional wave soldering cannot guarantee the reproducible results achievable in an automated lead free process such as selective soldering. BTS has therefore recently invested in a Versaflow 40/50 system equipped with a second single wave module which doubles throughput. Whether high volume or low volume batches, consistent lead free solder joint quality of the highest level is guaranteed, with DPM being reduced significantly. Risks and costs of operator dependent manual soldering processes are removed. All dynamic and static functions such as solder level, wave height, temperature, N² blanket and pump offset are not only programmable, but also continually monitored. The maintenance-free, electronmagnetically driven solder pump ensures a very constant flow rate with no moving parts. Exact wave height is precisely adjustable. Therefore perfect solder definition and reproducibility as well as complete documentation of individual solder parameters.



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